Unit Industry Sector
Arts, Media & Entertainment

Unit Originally Created By: Kathy Wylie


Part of Course: Animation Model

Unit Overview / Details

Lessons in this unit will teach students about the  responsibilities of a media artist.

Instructional Hours

5 Hours


  • California's 2008 CTE Standards: 3
  • California Academic Content Standards: Reinforced: 2
  • English Language Development Standards: 1
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Content / Concepts

  • Ethics of Entertainment Media
  • Media Ethics Law
  • Context of Media Ethics
  • Motion Picture Rating System
  • Video Game Rating System
  • Accountability
  • Deregulation
  • Ownership
  • Copyright



Lessons in this Unit

  • In a 4-part lesson plan, through a series of project-based learning opportunities, Students will explore recent court cases involving copyright, trademark and property infringements in the entertainment industry. In the last lesson, students will present a classroom debate on a court case which demonstrates their understanding of key lesson terms and concepts.


    Lesson Time - 4 hours
    4 Class Periods