Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Arts, Media & Entertainment

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Kathy Wylie

Basic walk-cycle in Flash (Frame by Frame animation)

Part of Unit: Animation Process

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson describes the basic steps and concepts to create a simple stick-figure animated walk-cycle in Flash Software, using a frame-by-frame approach (not tweening).

Lesson Time - Lab Period


Objectives and Goals

  • Students will learn and demonstrate the skills to animate a simple walk-cycle using 15 Frames on a blank stage (in Flash).
  • Students will understand the physics and mechanics of the motion involved in walking

Activities in this Lesson

Assessment - Authentic

Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Portfolios,

Teacher will monitor student work for comprehensive understanding of ideas, including the physics & mechanics of the walk cycle, during the class period.

Each student will produce a 15-frame animation demonstrating the walk-cycle and self-grade against a rubric.

This project will become part of larger student-portfolio project, later in the semester.