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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Jeanie Smith

Getting Started

Part of Lesson Plan: Walk Cycle with Motion Tween

Activity Overview / Details

-- Ask students to name an animated feature they’ve seen recently (e.g. “Up,” or “How to Train Your Dragon,” etc.

-- Have they ever thought about how those animations are made? What goes into the making of an animated film? (write their answers on a board). Coach them for more jobs they may not have thought of, making sure that one of the answers is “Animator”

-- Tell them they will all become animators in one easy lesson. Show students a few examples of the completed project, from very basic to more detailed and complex.

-- Time pending, you could show them a short animation. Make sure it's an "award-winning" short, middle-school appropriate, no longer than a few minutes. Some examples are attached.

Materials / Resource