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Activity Originally Created By: Matthew Dills

Class Discussion

Part of Lesson Plan: Squash/Stretch

Activity Overview / Details

After students have watched the podcast, the large group is reconvened and a discussion about the process takes place. Students will discuss the information they learned form the Podcast.

Step by Step Process discussed in Podcast

-Prepare clay ball
-Prepare simple replacement cycle with half ball and fully squashed ball
-Set up camera and frame grabber
-Make sure everything is locked down, background, foreground, box (prop)
-Ball rolls in, even increments (No eases) fairly big moves-Fast Pace so the ball has momentum.
-Once ball hits the box (approximately 15 frames, this depends of course on the framing of the shot) you will start the replacement cycle.
-Remove full ball
-Replace full ball with half ball
-Next replace half ball with fully squashed ball
-Now back to Half ball
-Now back to full ball
_Now capture 4 very small moves for a nice ease out.

Materials / Resource

No resources are included, yet.