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Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Kathy Wylie

Got a Lawsuit?

Part of Unit: Ethics

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

In a 4-part lesson plan, through a series of project-based learning opportunities, Students will explore recent court cases involving copyright, trademark and property infringements in the entertainment industry. In the last lesson, students will present a classroom debate on a court case which demonstrates their understanding of key lesson terms and concepts.


Lesson Time - Four (4) 60-Minutes

Lesson Time - 4 hours
4 Class Periods

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will gain an understanding of the ethical issues inherent to the Animation industry through the process of acquiring, understanding and evaluating Copyright, trademark and Property infringement.Students will be divided in pairs and, through guided exercise, explore recent court cases involving copyright, trademark and property infringements in the entertainment industry.Students will research the legal and social issues surrounding a legal case of interest for a classroom debate. (Subsequent lesson in series)
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Activities in this Lesson

  • 30 minutes

    Teacher will ask students to perform an Internet search to identify the following key lesson terms:

    • Copyright
    • Trademark
    • Patent
    • Personal property disputes (in the context of the Entertainment, Multimedia industry)
    • Public Domain
    • Litigant

    The teacher will ask students to express their definitions of the terms and lead a short classroom discussion to establish working definitions of these terms.

    Resources and Materials

  • 60 minutes (Project work can be extended over 2 class periods)

    In pairs,  using the attached list of famous court cases, Students will review various cases of interest and select a court case  pertaining to a copyright issue in the music and/or entertainment industry, in order to support opposing sides of the court case in a classroom debate format.

    Through guided activity, Students will research the litigant positions of a court case so that they are prepared to defend each litigant's position in terms of

    • ownership
    • financial costs
    • ethical issues

    Resources and Materials

    • copyrightcases.pdf [ Download ] Court Decisions - Copyright
  • Students will develop and present a court case decision regarding copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property infringement.

    1. Student groups will present a multimedia presentation for the class.
    2. Students within the presentation will give a brief background of the case, describe both sides of the case, outcome of case, and financial and image impact on the business.
    3. Students will create a an MLA formatted Works Cited for the presentation.


Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Projects, Demonstrations, Observations, Topical Debate

Each student will be assessed in a classroom debate, against an oral presentation rubric which determines their depth/breadth of subject knowledge & understanding.

  • Oral Presentation Rubric Oral Presentation Rubric [ Download ] Oral Presentation Rubric