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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Matthew Dills


Part of Lesson Plan: Timing

Activity Overview / Details

To the side of the screen is a simple set up for a stop motion animation. The images on the screen are changed from the film clip to a live view of the instructor and the stop motion set.

The instructor briefly describes and demonstrates the process the students are about to embark on.

Students are instructed as to the whereabouts of the podcast which goes into more detail about the process of animating a cycle of animation dealing with timing and pacing.   


The Podcast will cover the following topics-

Step by Step Process discussed in Podcast

-Prepare foam core with GRID
-Set up camera and frame grabber
-Make sure everything is locked down, background, foreground,
-Chart positions for animation on foam core-I charted 24 even one inch increments.
-Penny moves across the frame in even increments for 24 incremental movements based off of the GRID which you plotted above.
-Next, the penny moves across the frame on 2's, moving 12 times across the frame.
-Last, the penny moves across the screen on 3's, moving 8 times across the frame.

Materials / Resource