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Activity Originally Created By: joan ivarson

Two Characteristics of a Good Pie Crust

Part of Lesson Plan: Pie Pastry

Activity Overview / Details

Have a pre-baked pie crust and before you start your demo, throw baked pie crust on to demo table and it will break into a million tiny pieces.  Then tell students this is the type of pie crust we want - tender and flakey.  Or you can use this in the end of your demo after you have baked the pie crust.  I usually serve the crust with a Pumpkin Mousse, *see recipe

  • Use a large white board to write your Daily Agenda for the students to see and read as they enter the room. This way they will know what the lesson is for the day and what is expected from them.  Anything that needs to be turned in that day put a big red check next to it, such as the Kitchen Challenge.





Materials / Resource

  • Pumpkin Mousse Recipe Pumpkin Mousse Recipe [ Download ] Recipe
  • Pie Assignment for Culinary Essentials Textbook Pie Assignment for Culinary Essentials Textbook [ Download ] Textbook Sample Questions