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Information & Communication Technologies

Activity Originally Created By: Brooke Ahrens

History and Overview of Blogging

Part of Lesson Plan: Intro to Blogging

Activity Overview / Details

Instead of a tradtional lecture, students will instead visit a variety of websites, covering the elements, history and purpose of blogging. The attached blogs are good examples of sites that provide information about blogging and the history of blogging, but can be replaced with other sites if needed.

Websites can either be projected for the entire class or viewed on individual student monitors. Teacher can either highlight relevant materials on the various sites, or have students do a round-robin or popcorn style read of materials on the various pages.

When reviewing the websites the teacher can do any of the following  to review the information on the selected web sites.

  • Read pertinent portions of the site to their students as student follow along
  • Have each student read a portion of the visited sites,   "Joe- please read the section on Blogging History"
  • Have students popcorn read- the teacher saying what needs to be read, and students "popping in" without being specifically called on.

Teacher should visit all pages before the lesson, to ensure that the students are not asked to read an entire webpage aloud.

Materials / Resource