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Activity Originally Created By: Janice Carter

What is this, the olden days? Different websites for different times

Part of Lesson Plan: Web Portfolio

Activity Overview / Details

 Upon entering the class, hand students a Website Questionnaire. They need to answer the questions as completely as possible even if they’re not sure of the final outcome. Allow approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Handout-Website Questionnaire-See Below

Review with the class what the purpose of a web portfolio is. Ask them, "Has anyone every completed a portfolio for any class.?" Chances are somebody will have written a porfolio in one of their classes. Discuss the purpose of the web portfolio. State, "The main reason for a web portfolio is to show the quality of your work to either other teachers, perspective employers or potenial customers to hire you as a web designer.

Discuss with the class the following concepts of a portfolio; its purpose and its audience. Go through each point asking for input from the class. Ask each one of the points with "What do you think..."

• What is a portfolio?

• What are the goals of a particular portfolio?

• What does a portfolio contain?

 • What could you use to communicate these ideas

For example: images, text, design of homepage, organization of the portfolio?

• What are the long-term and short-term goals of a


• Who is the audience for the portfolio?




Materials / Resource

  • Portfolio Website Questionnaire Portfolio Website Questionnaire [ Download ] Handout - Questionnaire