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Engineering & Architecture

Activity Originally Created By: Javier Rios

1. Motherboard Drawing

Part of Lesson Plan: Know Your Motherboard - Components

Activity Overview / Details

By the end of the period you will have drawn a motherboard and all of the major components listed on the board.” Now I show them a sample of a drawing completed by a student as an example. The drawings should be 8 x 8 inches to leave room for labels on the components.

The students will go to http://tigerdirect.com and choose a motherboard from the motherboard section of the web site. Have the students write the name of the motherboard they chose on their paper so they can come back to the website and find the same motherboard they are working with if they run out of time.

At this point you can have the students work independently by choosing a motherboard to draw. (See the resources section)

Materials / Resource