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Activity Originally Created By: Jeff Larson

Viewing Observation Notes

Part of Lesson Plan: History of Animation

Activity Overview / Details

1. On a sheet of paper have students write down the name, the artist, the year of each piece being viewed, as well as the historical and cultural significance of the piece as noted by the instructor. 

2. Students should also record 3-5 observations,questions, or comments about the formal, literal, or expressive qualities of the piece. (Things like the materials, the methods, the story, the characters, the principles employed, the style or aesthetics of the piece, etc.)

3. Following each short the teacher should randomly select 3-5 students to share their observations, questions, or comments. Discuss, respond, and if time permits ask for any other comments. Each piece should elicit about 3-5 minutes of discussion and try not to go beyond in order to get through all pieces within the suggested two class periods.