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Activity Originally Created By: Courtney Curtis

Anticipatory Set / Hook Activity

Part of Lesson Plan: Animating Objects Programmatically-Animating an Analog Clock face: Part 2

Activity Overview / Details

The "Hook"

The Final Product

The teacher will open and display the final clock animation to the students ( resource: Clock Final  Animation)

Students will begin by observing the final clock animation they will be creating.

Changing/Displaying "System Time"

Now, change the time on your computer in front of the students.

Replay the animation and then point out to the students that the clock is now displaying the computer’s NEW time.

Explain that this is called the “system time” and that the script behind the animation uses system time.

The teacher will ask the students: "Why do you think it would be handy to animate this clock using an individual computer's system time?"

Today, we will be discussing instantiating an object in code rather than using the program's interface or workspace as we did in the previous lesson.


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