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Lesson Plan Originally Created By: LaTayna Hamilton

Serial Killers Writing Project

Part of Unit: Forensic Science

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students will take a look at Americas’s top serial killers. Students will investigative and generate a report on a chosen serial killer. Student will look inside the detailed and calculated behaviors of a serial killer and describe their modus operandi, signature, and characterics of the serial killer.

Lesson Time

Serial Killers
3 Hours

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will identify and describe serial killers categories of modus operandi, signature, and characteristic(s).
  • Students will understand the background and behavior of serial killers.
  • Students will generate a report and present their report to the class.
  • Students will generate supporting media for their presentation such as a PowerPoint presentation, poster board or flash presentation of pictures.
  • Students will develop skills in investigating, researching and profiling murderers.

Activities in this Lesson

  • This is a 1:46 minute video of infamous serial killers quotes. Students will try to identify the killers.

    Resources and Materials

    • Serial Killer Interviews [ Go to Site ] Serial Killers Interviews
  • Identify serial killers characteristics that will be needed to complete the serial killer writing assignment.

    Resources and Materials

    • Serial Killer Writing Project.PPT [ Download ] PowerPoint of items needed for project.
  • This Video is about the psychological profile of serial killers and will help students identify serial killers psychological characteristics. 



    Resources and Materials

    • The Real Hannibal Lecter [ Go to Site ] Video on psychological profile of serial killers.


Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Projects, Writing Samples, Observations,

Students will be assigned a serial killer or mass murder from the attached list. Student will be given a handout on how to complete the written report. Teacher(s) will observe students and assist with added questions. Students will orally present their projects in front of the class and will be graded according to a rubric scoring sheet.

  • Serial Serial Killer Project Handout [ Download ] Direction on how to complete the project.
  • Serial Killer Project Assignments Serial Killer Project Assignments [ Download ] Attach list of serial killers or mass murderers which students can use for their project.
  • Serial Killer Sign-up sheet Serial Killer Sign-up sheet [ Download ] Student Sign-up Sheet