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Activity Originally Created By: Jeanie Smith

Picnic Part One - Draw the Setting

Part of Lesson Plan: Beginning Storyboarding

Activity Overview / Details

Use the PDF handout to guide students through drawing their Picnic setting. The steps are reiterated here, and all images attached in this section.

In the Picnic project Part One, you will design a picture of a picnic setting, using the picture  as your template. Your drawing should end up looking very close to this one. In the process of creating the picture you will learn about many of flash's drawing tools.

Grass and Lake Herman

1.  Go to the dock at the bottom of the screen, and open Flash.

2.  Save your animation as “yourname_picnic.fla”

3.  Double Click on "Layer 1" (top left).  Re name "Layer 1" as "Background."

4.  Go to the menu bar and select Insert--Timeline--Layer.

5. Name this layer "Foreground." The Foreground layer should be on top of the Background layer.

6.  Click the background layer and then select the Rectangle tool. In the paint bucket color box, select a grass green for "Fill Color"  Turn off the Stroke by clicking in the color box and selecting the red line cross-out.

7.  Click and drag to create a green box at the bottom of your staging area. This will be the field at your house on Lake Herman.

8.  Next make the fill color blue and select the Oval Tool.

9.  Create a blue oval in the space above the grass. This will be your Lake Herman.

10. Next click and drag with the Arrow Tool to select part of Lake Herman & delete it.

11. Next Select all of the blue lake and go to "Modify" and select "Group." that will make it one grouped image.

12.  Now move the lake onto the grass.

Tree , Sky and Bench

1.  First select the Line Tool.  In the Properties, change the stroke height to 3.

2.  Still in Background layer: First draw a short line at a 45-degree angle, in the white space above the grass.  Then draw another line at 45-degrees but in the opposite direction.

3.  Draw two horizontal lines, one on top of the legs, and one through the middle of the legs.

4. Now select all of the bench, make it a group, and place the bench on the grass towards the bottom of the screen.

5.  Change the Fill Color to a sky blue and select the Rectangle Tool, make a rectangle on the top of the screen.

6.  Change the stroke height to 10 and change the stroke color to brown.

7. Above Lake Herman draw a vertical line.  This will be your tree trunk.

8. Change the stroke height back to 1, and select the brush tool and stroke color a leaf green. 

9.   Change fill and stroke color to leaf green and draw the leaves of the tree.

10.   With the Eraser Tool create 3-4 clouds, including one rather large one.

Stones and Text

1. Select the Foreground Layer.

2. In Oval Tool, make the Fill Color stone gray, and the Stroke Color black

3. Create a few small stepping stones (4-5) but leave space above the bench.

4. Select the Text tool.  In Properties make Font = Times New Roman, Style = Regular, Color = Black, and Size = 14.

5. Click inside the big cloud and drag to create a Text box, and type in:

Fall Picnic
Lake Herman
(Date – make it the complete form)

6. If you need to reposition your text, click in Arrow tool and then move it.

The House

1.  Still in Foreground layer: Select the Rectangle Tool and make Fill color Red, Stroke color Black.

2.  Create a large rectangle for the front of your house.

3.  Now make a smaller rectangle to the right side of the house.

4.  Use the free transform tool and select the smaller rectangle and go to the tall side.  If you put your mouse on the side of the rectangle you will see something that looks like:

5.  Click and drag upwards until you get the wall to look like this:

6. Make the fill color Brown and the select the rectangle tool.

7.  Create a rectangle top of the big red rectangle. This will be your roof.

8.  Slant it slightly like you did at step 5.

9.  Draw 3 straight lines with the line tool: 1 will be on the roof to the house. The other will be from the edge of the roof to the edge of the small triangle.  The last one will be on the top edge of the small rectangle, the final product will look like this:

10.  Now select the paint Bucket tool and fill in that section of the roof with brown.

Window and Door

1.  Using the same brown you used for the roof make a door sized rectangle at the front of your house.  Using the Zoom tool, or the view options, zoom in on the door area.

2.  Make the fill color white and make a smaller rectangle in the top portion of your door for a window.  Then make a picture window to the left of the door.

3. Select the Line Tool and make cross bars on the door window and the picture window. Then zoom back out.

4. SAVE your work. Do Control--Test Movie to generate the SWF file of your Picnic drawing.

Congratulations, You're done!


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