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Activity Originally Created By: Janice Carter

Picture Details-Planning

Part of Lesson Plan: Digital Camera for Web Design

Activity Overview / Details

Explain to the class the importance of planning before beginning to take their pictures. Remind them, "Ask yourself what are you looking for? What web site are you building and what do you want to place in the web site. Don't loose track or focus of what is important."

Discuss with the class "What resolution will you use and why? Are you shooting indoors or outdoors and don't forget to adjust your camera to meet the criteria."

Ask students, "Turn your handout General Tips for Digital Cameras over and write on the back the location of where you will be saving your digital pictures."

Review saving files. Show or state to the class, "This is where we save our files. When naming the file be sure to use a file name that has purpose. The reason being is if you don't use it with this web site, you may use it later. The name will assist you when you need to retrieve the picture. This saves a lot of time from reviewing all your images"

Next, ask students, "Continue to write on your handout the purpose of the pictures, audience you are going to be addressing, and resolution setting you plan on using including indoors or outdoors or both."