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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Jeff Larson

Creating Cel Animation the Old School Way

Part of Lesson Plan: Ink and Paint

Activity Overview / Details

Start the class by watching this documentary about the making of a character based cel animation as done in the traditional methods. Shows a good look at a studio based production process. Note the number of animators employed and especially focus on the hand inked and painted cels.

When done viewing ask students to write down 3-5 things they observed in the film about the  inking/painting process.

Randomly select students to share an observation or comment and list on board or overhead/projector.

Set up Pros/Cons columns for traditional cel animation and computer based cel animation and ask students as a group to identify 5 to 7 pros or cons for each approach. What would be some of the benefits or drawbacks of each method in terms of production, time, management, and aesthetics? 

Materials / Resource