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Activity Originally Created By: Annette Fewins

How do you like this site?

Part of Lesson Plan: Creating an Attractive Banner Visitors Will Notice

Activity Overview / Details

Teacher will ask students to take out a piece of paper.
Teacher will ask students to pull up Podere Vigliano website. http://www.poderevigliano.com/

Teacher will ask students to spend 3-5 minutes writing about the site.
How does the site make you feel?
How does the banner fit with the site?
What do you like about the banner?
What colors are used in the color pallet?
How does the color pallet match the banner?
On a scale of 1-5 rate appeal of the index page and explain your reasoning.

Materials / Resource

  • Podere Vigliano Podere Vigliano [ Go to Site ] An Italian Farmhouse Rental in Italy