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Activity Originally Created By: Jeff Larson

Creating Rough Walk Cycle (Previous lesson)

Part of Lesson Plan: Secondary Action

Activity Overview / Details

Using the Preston Blair Walk Cycle Reference Sheet  provided students should have used a red pencil to create 10 different drawings to use as foundation for character development and secondary action that this lesson builds upon. This lesson and handouts are the short review version of information contained in a longer version of a how to create a walk cycle.

1. Set up base sheet on light table, layer, or under piece of paper.

2. Using red pencil, sketch out basic shapes and positions of the "dough figure".

3. Pay close attention to alignment of head, torso, feet in relation to vertical and horizontal lines on base sheet.

4. Pencil test/or create quicktime with rough drawings filmed and held for every three frames, for a total of 30 frames. This is to check basic mechanics of primary action of the walking figure.

5. When all ten frames are complete in red pencil and walk is smooth, then students are prepared to add character design and secondary actions.

Materials / Resource

  • NTSC_safe area/base sheet NTSC_safe area/base sheet [ Download ] Have students use a base sheet under drawings on light tables as a way to build walk cycle or to be sure what they are drawing will be appearing on screen later. The lighter inside line is the safe area, meaning anything inside this area will definitely appear on screen. Anything out side the safe area, may or may not appear.
  • Preston Blair Walk Cycle Reference Preston Blair Walk Cycle Reference [ Download ] For use as teacher student reference in constructing and drawing the walk cycle upon which students will develop original character with secondary actions.