Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Sharon Varozza

Preschool Cooking Lab

Part of Unit: Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Learning Experiences for Children

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students will extend their knowledge of nutrition for preschoolers in this hands on lab. The students will be preparing easy, healthy snacks and examining the developmentally appropriate practices that would be used with preschoolers in a lab setting. The use of math, language, science and creativity will be integrated in this lesson. Critical thinking skills and following directions will also be emphasized.

Lesson Time

Block Period
110 Minutes


Consumer and Family Studies (CFS) Standards Detail

5.2 Identify factors to consider when selecting, purchasing, or creating play
and learning materials that are developmentally appropriate for children. (ECDFS – F10.5.2)

5.4 Analyze how the attainment of self-help skills such as hygiene, dressing, food
preparation, and household chores contribute to a child’s learning and self-concept. (ECDFS – F10.5.4)

22.2 Employ sanitary practices before, during, and after food preparation and
service. (HTR – F10.2.2)

22.3 Demonstrate and compare the proper techniques for safe storage and
preparation of food. (HTR – F10.2.3)

Objectives and Goals

  • Identify factors to consider when planning a cooking lab that is developmentally appropriate for children
  • List and analyze the value of self-help skills such as cooking to benefit a child's learning and self-concept
  • Demonstrate safe and sanitary practices when preparing food
  • Demonstrate proper techniques for employing simple cooking techniques with children

Activities in this Lesson

  • Eye Appeal Hooks / Set

    Display pictures of fun, creative snacks.

    Tell students they are going to have the opportunity to look at food through the eyes of a Preschool teacher today. Ask if they remember any fun experiences cooking as kids. Share.

    Resources and Materials

    • Kids Creative Food Ideas [ Download ] Pictures of fun, creative snacks
  • Short lecture with examples of how math, science, language, etc. can be learned by cooking with children.

    Most of the time spent on this lesson will be devoted to cooking in the kitchen.

    Resources and Materials

    • Cooking Experiences Powerpoint [ Download ]
  • Demo lab procedures Demo / Modeling

    Clarify expectations for cooking lab procedures by modeling and directing towards supplies.

    Talk about sanitation:

    Wash hands

    Put on apron

    Tie hair back

    Show supplies ready at each station with "how to" cards

    Choose one snack to demonstate

    Resources and Materials

  • Cooking Lab Lab / Shop

    In groups of 4-6, depending on class size, students will rotate through six stations creating snacks following the "how to" cards and practicing good sanitation procedures. They will make enough snacks for all students to taste at each station.

    Teacher will circulate and check off students progress as they complete each station.

    As students progress through each station they also need to complete the Preschool Cooking Lab form.

    Resources and Materials

    • Cooking Lab Chart [ Download ]
    • Concepts to teach/reflection [ Download ] Back side of the Lab chart to remind students of concepts to teach when cooking and a space to write reflection
  • Reflection Closure

    After everyone has completed all cooking lab stations and had their form finished and checked by the teacher, they will write a reflection on the back of their form.

    In the reflection they should include the following in paragraph form:

    What they liked the best about this activity; what challenges there may be when implementing this with preschoolers; how this reinforces healthy nutrition concepts; what was their favorite snack and why; what was their least favorite and why.


  • Create a snack Independent Practice

    Provide each student with an index card. Students will create an additional snack that could be added to this lab. They need to draw and/or describe the snack, write the directions needed for a "how to" card, record the learning concepts it would teach, and the nutrition it would provide.

    if time is short this can be assigned as homework.


    Resources and Materials

    • Rubric for snack [ Download ] Rubric for create a snack


Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Writing Samples, Observations,

Students will be assessed as a group by observation during their cooking lab rotation and by checking their form used during the rotation.

Students will be assessed individually on their reflections and their "Create a snack" cards based on the rubric.