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Information & Communication Technologies

Activity Originally Created By: Janice Carter

What is a Logo?

Part of Lesson Plan: Planning a Logo for Web Design

Activity Overview / Details

Before beginning this lesson, some suggested background resource web sites to review are:

Graphic Design - A short introduction to graphic design theory, explaining the aspects of design to consider when composing a piece of fine art or producing a graphic layout:

A brief discussion of the main principles of design:

• Logo design articles and tips: www.allgraphicdesign.com/logo.html#tips
• Types of logos and their construction: www.grantasticdesigns.com/logos1.html

• Definition of the storyboard concept, plus sample storyboards:
• A theoretical approach to storyboards: www.ibiblio.org/ism/articles/huffcorzine.html

As students enter the classroom, have a variety of logos taped on the walls and white boards around the classroom.. Ask the students, "Do you know what the pictures around the classroom reflect?" Continue with the disucssion, "What visual cues from the pictures/logos stick in your mind." Define to the class how these logos are appropriate branding for the organizations they represent. Discuss how these designs reach the organization's target audience and meet the company goals.

State to your class when discussing the design of logos, "Your logo has got to be much more than just a simple recognizable, memorable mark. It needs to reflect who you are, what your business is and even how you work. You, the logo designers' creativity and imagination are the integral parts in the logo design process, The client can describe what they want, however the designer has to visualize it. He or she has to create a high impact creative logo that has to not only work on screen, but also for a variety of media, like posters, signs, letterheads and even for apparel.  "