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Activity Originally Created By: Walt Hebern

Creating the Sequence

Part of Lesson Plan: Sequencing a Scene

Activity Overview / Details

Review the following terms :

Animation: A series of still images shown to create an illusion of motion.
Shot: A continuous view from one camera.
Sequence: A series of shots.
Scene: The location / the set.

Four Main Areas within Animation
    1. Modeling: creation of the models
    2. Materials: creation and application of materials
    3. Lighting: placement of lights and cameras
    4. Animation: creating an illusion of motion


Setting up A Scene
In this exercise you will be setting up a scene with multiple objects; planning a sequence around the interaction within the scene; setting up individual shots; and rendering and combining the shots into a final sequence.

Modeling- Most of the models are already created for you. Make sure to do the following:

  • Create one to three of your own models (Number depends on the complexity.)
  • Position all models
  • Check the models to make sure the axes are set correctly for the motion you are planning

Create appropriate materials for your models
Modify materials of given models, if desired.
Use three point lighting system provided
Add filler lights, to individual shots, as needed

Save shots individually
Set up animation
Render / Batch render

Notes and Hints:

  • Plan your shots carefully; Close-ups with dramatic lighting and shadows add interest and depth.
  • Cameras can move ANYWHERE! to help tell your story.
  • You can still have TOO much camera motion; make sure it has a purpose.
  • Consider using 'match action' edits as you would in video.

Teacher Directions:

As students are setting up their shots, walk around and help them as necessary.

Materials / Resources

  • Assignment Assignment [ Download ] Assignment sheet in PDF format.
  • Setting Up Shots Setting Up Shots [ View Flash ] [ Download ] This is a tutorial using MAXON Cinema 4D to setup and render shots.