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Activity Originally Created By: Walt Hebern

Planning & Models

Part of Lesson Plan: Sequencing a Scene

Activity Overview / Details

Teacher Directions:

  1. Describe the assignment to the students and show them a couple examples from past student work.
  2. Distribute the scene and  models to the students’ computers.
  3. Pass out storyboards with shots 1 and 2 completed.
  4. Provide them time to plan and storyboard their story line. (You may want to put a limit on the number of shots.)
  5. Walk around and help students as needed.

Shot 1: Wide shot of scene with dragon fly coming in from the left.

Shot 2: Medium shot of tray on table as dragon fly circles around and lands on burger.


Setting up A Scene: Planning

    In this exercise, you will be planning a sequence around the interaction within a scene. You will be provided with the basic layout and most of the models. You will need to develop a story and create a storyboard covering each shot. The first two shots are done for you and will be used to show you how to set up and render a shot. The rest of the shots are up to you.

Materials / Resources

  • Park Scene Park Scene [ Download ] This is a compressed file containing the park scene in a C4D file, a 3DS file, a DXF file and all the materials.
  • storyboard.pdf Storyboard [ Download ] Storyboard with first two shots.