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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Class Reading of History of Animation Article

Part of Lesson Plan: History of Animation

Activity Overview / Details

Teacher and class should read brief article(s) on the History of Animation that touch on early events, developments, and individuals that were important in the development of the medium. It is suggested that students initially scan through and highlight any words or terms the may be unfamiliar with and the teacher should explain, define, pronounce, or clarify before reading. This is particularly helpful with younger readers, and readers whose primary language may not be English. 

Students and teacher should take turns reading. Stopping to clarify, reflect, and check for understanding when needed.

Additional longer articles and essays are provided which provide more extensive background information on key figures and developments in the history of studio animation.


Materials / Resource

  • History of Animation before Disney History of Animation before Disney [ Download ] This is a very short introduction and overview of Animation History that references early art history, technologies and pioneers.
  • History of Animation History of Animation [ Download ] This essay by Michael Crandol presents a much more detailed examination of the events and pioneers of early studio animation production and their impact on the development of the trade.
  • Animation History/Impact of Studios Animation History/Impact of Studios [ Download ]
  • Oscars intro to Animation with Activities Oscars intro to Animation with Activities [ Download ] Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences .pdf that introduces some key terms, concepts, and dates in film animation. Also includes some activities and questions. A Spanish version is also included.
  • Magic Lantern Magic Lantern [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • FlipBook FlipBook [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Zoetrope Zoetrope [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Egyptian Motion Series Egyptian Motion Series [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Vase with Goat in motion Vase with Goat in motion [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Lantern Lantern [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Altimira Running Boar Altimira Running Boar [ View Image ] [ Download Original ]
  • Animated Cartoons Blogspot [ Go to Site ] Excellent blog that features moving images and examples of early animation devices.