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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

What's a NURBS?

Part of Lesson Plan: Splines and NURBS

Activity Overview / Details


Spline: A collection of points (vertices) that define the lines (linear,cury) between them. (They are 2 dimensional and do not render.) (Hold shift key to break handles.)


Main Lesson

Use the power point presentation or the notes below to define NURBS and show the class examples.

NURBS: Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline. They are object generators; they allow you to create a 3D object from one or more splines.

Extrude NURBS: Pulling/stretching out a spline to create a 3D object...like cutting cookie dough with a cookie cutter.

Lathe NURBS: Takes a spline profile built on the Y-axis and rotates it around the axis...like a wood or metal lathe.

Loft NURBS: Lofting or skinning is like stretching a skin over two or more 2D profiles... like the ribs of a boat or airplane wing.

Sweep NURBS: Sweeping or path extrusion takes the cross section of an object and extrudes it along the path of another spline.


Materials / Resource

  • NURBS NURBS [ Download ] Powerpoint presentation defining four types of NURBS with a short quiz at the end.