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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris


Part of Lesson Plan: Creating 3D Materials

Activity Overview / Details

Mapping Exercise

Objective: Map a brick material onto a cube object to create a brick wall.

  1. Create 3D object
  2. Create brick material
  3. Apply the material to the object
  4. Map the material to the object

    bricks.jpg          bwbricks.jpg

Step 1: Create a 3D primitive cube and resize it into the shape of a brick wall. This can be further adjusted later if necessary.

Step 2: Create a brick material and apply it to the wall object.

Step 3: Set the Projection to Cubic.

Step 4: Adjust the cubic map by position, scale and rotation.

Step 5: Adjust the cubic map using tiles. The brick thickness should be about one third of the length.

Step 6: Adjust the wall object thickness if necessary to create a wall thickness of one brick.


Mapping Materials Requires:

  • Manipulating object
  • Setting projection
  • Adjusting the tiles
  • Adjusting the map
    • Position
    • Scale
    • Rotation

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