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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris


Part of Lesson Plan: Squash/Stretch

Activity Overview / Details

  As students walk into the room a looped clip from a Classic animated short film from WB is playing. The animation demonstrates the principle of squash and stretch.

Once the class has settled in and all of the students have had a chance to view the film clip, a discussion is started about the film clip and the principle of animation Squash and Stretch.

Next show the slow motion version of the clip and duscuss in detail how the characters are squashing and stretching. Compare and contrast what they saw originally at full speed, with what they are able to see in slow motion.

Materials / Resource

  • Warner_Bros_Squash_Stretch_Example Warner_Bros_Squash_Stretch_Example [ Download ] null
  • Slow_Motion_Version Slow_Motion_Version [ Download ] null