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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Developing Character and Adding Secondary Action

Part of Lesson Plan: Secondary Action

Activity Overview / Details

In this stage students should use  a blue pencil to build up character's final appearance, details, and outlines over the basic red shapes in each of the ten frames.  Students must remember to keep all character details consistent in position, size, placement, and volume as they work through the series of drawings. They should pencil test when they believe they are done and check/observe for any inconsistencies or glaring errors in mechanics or details and correct where needed. In order for students to create functioning secondary actions they will have to bear in mind previously learned animation principles like squash/stretch, overlapping action, arcs, anticipation, and  follow through.  It will depend on the type of actions they decide to add. When in doubt, look for resources or examples in books or other existing cartoons or actual footage to observe the action.