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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris


Part of Lesson Plan: Production Logo

Activity Overview / Details

The process to create an animated logo usually involves establishing a still, printable logo and then animating it. Show the Student Logo video (access below).

Step 1: Have students’ list words that might describe themselves, objects, symbols, or just descriptors. If they list ten, have them list ten more. (Push them to do a few more than their ‘maximum’. The students need to feel free to list anything that comes to mind; sometimes the farther out the idea, the more unique the final logo.)

Step 2: Students should sketch simple shapes from their top five descriptors.

Step 3: Have students make rough, quick, small sketches laying out the objects. These are called Thumbnail sketches and are used to quickly evaluate different layouts for a logo.

As students are developing ideas, walk around and answer questions and check for understanding.

Materials / Resources