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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Project Steps 1-3

Part of Lesson Plan: Buttons 1: Pyramid

Activity Overview / Details

(See the attached PDF of this project, which can be duplicated as a handout for your students. A Word doc is also attached that you can modify to suit your version of Flash or other animation application.)

The Problem
Your local museum has asked you to make an interactive animation of the Great Pyramid of Egypt for their web site.  The animation should have a cross section of the pyramid revealing passages and rooms, it should provide close up views of all the chambers, and be interactive and self-explanatory. This animation should be simple enough for anyone to use. Perhaps Flash CS4 can help!

Creating a Flash Document
1.            Open Flash CS4  
You should see a window called untitled-1.  This is where you build the project.

2.            Go to FILE --> SAVE AS
You will see a save dialog box.  In the text field, type in "yourname_pyramid.fla”. 
Then, select your project folder and click SAVE.

3.             Work in Essentials layout. If your layout looks different from the one shown, go to the options in the top right of your Flash window and toggle to “Reset Essentials”.  This provides you will all of the tools you will need to make your project. On the right side of the screen, there is a bar called Tools. To the left is the Properties Window, with a tab for the Library—you will need to see both of these.

Materials / Resource