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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Getting Started

Part of Lesson Plan: Buttons 2: Dungeon

Activity Overview / Details

I.  Give students a handout with the template pictures, OR post them online so that students can open them in a presentation format, such as Preview.  

A.  Show them that they need to keep the first two pages the same, in order to begin the project. They will need TWO layers, at least-- one for Background, and one for Foreground or Content. This gets them started with making simple arrow buttons to progress from frame to frame. Remind them that they need to put action scripting in Frame 1 as well, putting in a Stop so that the frame sequence doesn't loop endlessly.

B.  Then they need to create the first "Room" frame, creating the basic room design in their Background layer, and the doors and torches in Content layer.  They can create buttons for each door, torches can become buttons, doorknobs, etc.-- this is where it is up to them how extensive they want to get.

C.  But now they should also do a Storyboard to layout the structure and design of their Dungeon, in order to keep track of which button leads to which frame, and to make sure their paths will work.  If they don't do this, they run the risk of getting mixed up when they're action scripting their buttons.

Attached are two FLA files so that you can show students both simple and more complex constructions. Click on the action scripting for a few buttons so they can see that as well.

Materials / Resource

  • The Teacher's raw file The Teacher's raw file [ Download ] See what a basic two-layer construction might look like
  • Grif's raw file Deep Dungeon raw file [ Download ] More complex construction, including animated elements
  • William's raw file Watery Dungeon raw file [ Download ] Much more extensive construction
  • Basic Frame templates Basic Frame templates [ Download ]
  • Storyboard template Storyboard template [ Download ] To help students "map" their dungeon beyond Frame 3
  • Instructions for students Instructions for students [ Download ]