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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Create Letter of Introduction to send to Direct Contacts

Part of Lesson Plan: Career Exploration - 1 hour unit

Activity Overview / Details

25 Minutes

Students will create a Letter of Introduction, which will be sent to their identified DIRECT CONTACT LIST (Sample Letter to be found in Resources section).

Teacher should encourage students to think about the various Graphics and Animation skills:

Graphic Animators conceptualize and produce graphic animation and visual materials to effectively communicate information for publications, advertising, films, packaging, posters, signs and interactive media such as Web sites and CD-ROMs. They are employed by advertising and graphic design firms, by establishments with advertising or communications departments and by multimedia production companies, or they may be self-employed.

Graphic Animators who are also supervisors, project managers or consultants are included in this unit group. Illustrators conceptualize and create illustrations to represent information through images. They are almost solely self-employed.

Included job titles: advertising designer, animator – animated films, cartoonist, commercial artist, cybergraphic designer, graphic artist, graphic designer, graphic designer – multimedia, graphic designer – multimedia, interactive or new media, illustrator, layout designer, medical illustrator, multimedia illustrator, scientific illustrator.


Materials / Resource

  • animation.intro.letter.rtf animation.intro.letter.rtf [ Download ]