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Information & Communication Technologies

Activity Originally Created By: Cindy Fajardo

PowerPoint on Podcasting

Part of Lesson Plan: Podcasting- Let Your Voice Be Heard

Activity Overview / Details

After finishing listening to the podcast, have students open up a MS Word document (or other word processor they have access to OR take out paper if you prefer them not to use the computers).   Use  PowerPoint snippets to give direct instruction on what podcasting is.  The idea is that the direct instruction portion of the lesson should take no more than about 20 minutes. Feel free to cut and paste this power point to suit your needs.  Have students take Cornell notes while lecturing (description of how to use Cornell notes as well as a template are provided for download below).  After every 10 minutes of lecture have the students participate in a 2 minute pair and share to discuss lecture contents up to that point.  Depending on the student group, you may need to do this more frequently   

Materials / Resource

  • Podcasting PowerPoint Podcasting PowerPoint [ Download ]
  • Cornell Notes System and How to Use It Cornell Notes System and How to Use It [ Download ]
  • Cornell Notes Template Cornell Notes Template [ Download ]