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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

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3. Getting Started - Kitchen Tools & Equipment

Part of Unit: Knives and Small Tools

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

One of the first requirements to becoming a chef is knowledge and skill in the use of culinary tools and equipment.  Basic tools and equipment will be shown and discussed.  The students will learn how to identify each by its correct name with the proper spelling, and their use in food preparation.

Lesson Time: One Class Period


Objectives and Goals

The students will identify the name, correct spelling, and use of 45+ culinary tools and equipment.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Chef's Guess Hooks / Set

    TEACHER'S NOTE:  Have a computer, projector and Culinary Tools & Equipment Worksheet ready for this lesson.  Use a large white board to write your daily agenda for the students to see and read as they enter the room so they will know what the lesson is for the day and what is expected from them.  Anything that needs to be turned in that day put a big red check, such as Culinary Tools & Equipment Worksheet.


    Chef's Guess

    Culinary Tools & Equipment

    Optional:  I like to have the real tools and equipment each numbered and put out for the students to see and touch.

    Show Chef's Guess PowerPoint and have each student or each kitchen write down their guesses.  Then collect and show the right answers.  

    Options:  You can either use the PowerPoint or use your own kitchen tools and gadgets.  I have a box of kichen gadgets and I do a weekly Kitchen Challenge for the Chef's Guess.   


    Resources and Materials

    • CHEF?S GUESS Culinary Tools.ppt [ Download ] Chef's Guess PowerPoint
  • Hand out Culinary Tools & Equipment Worksheet.

    NOTE:  The worksheet has 50 spaces and the PowerPoint only has 45 items.  You can use the extra five spaces to choose other tools and equipment that you prefer to include, or have the student use their textbook to come up with five more culinary tools or equipment.

    Show the PowerPoint for Culinary Tools & Equipment.  The PowerPoint has 139 slides.  The first 49 contain just the pictures that are numbered for the students to view and write their guesses..  The rest of the slides contain the numbered pictures (45) and another slide after each picture with a brief description of their function in food preparation.  the second set of slides are for you to review with the students.

    Have students write their guesses on their worksheet.

    Then show the answers and review with students.

    Have the students write in the correct name with the correct spelling and a brief description of each items use in food preparation.


    You can choose if you use real items or the PowerPoint or both.

    You can choose how many items you want to show.  You could do 5+ items  per day or whatever works best for your class.

    You can use the worksheet, or have the students use a piece of binder paper with numbers 1 - 25 on the front, and 26 - 50 on the back.  Have them fold it into three section lenghwise, or make three columms by drawing lines.

    You could also print out the PowerPoint slides.  Then cut them up and use them by showing or places the pictures of the items around the room.  Then next  put out the cards with the brief description next to the pictures for the students to view and write the information on their worksheet.

    I have found that the students like to work in pairs or teams when guessing the items.  I have also found that it works best for the students to learn the name and function at the same time.

    Some of the culinary tools and equipment I save and introduce later when teaching specfic sections such as pastry tools, pasta, breads etc.



    Resources and Materials

    • KITCHEN-1.ppt [ Download ] PowerPoint for Culinary Tools & Equipment
    • Culinary Tools & Equipment Worksheet [ Download ] Worksheet - One page, front and back


Assessment Types:
Teacher-Made Test, Worksheet

Have students complete Culinary Tools & Equipment Worksheet.

Optional for another class:  Show pictures from PowerPoint and have students write down the name and/or a brief description of their function in food preparation.

Optional for another class:  KITCHEN CHALLENGE - Have students get into their assigned kitchens and show the PowerPoint picture of the Culinary Tools & Equipment.  See what kitchen has the most correct names and the best brief description of each items function in food preparation.