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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Jeff Larson

Animation of an Action on a Movement on an Arc

Part of Lesson Plan: Arcs

Activity Overview / Details

Students will create thumbnails, and rough layout in basic shapes or forms, for a short animation of a simple action or sequence that incorporates movement of a human or animal along an arc (like a throw, a wave, a kick, a swinging bat, etc.)  Students may use photographic or film references to study and plan their sequence. They may refer to other animations, but should not be directly copying the character, rather they should focus on underlying shapes and volumes.  This exercise should be done over the course of a week and/or weekend. The final layout of the sequence should have two keyframes, a breakdown, and a minimum of 4 inbetweens. Total number of positions indicated in layout should be at least 7. Drawings may be rough but should be detailed enough to show major shapes and volumes, and some sense of characters finer features, like face, hands, clothes.