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Arts, Media & Entertainment

Activity Originally Created By: Jeff Larson

Video Editing/Animatic Assembly

Part of Lesson Plan: Animatic Production

Activity Overview / Details

Step by Step Directions:

1. Open Video Editing Software ( You can use imovie or Windows Movie Maker, using Adobe Premeire and After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas will be more complicated, but gives students an opportunity to begin navigating more complex video editing/compositing software).

2. File/Save As to Movie Folder in Project Folder

3.FIle-Import image files and audio files into bin

4. Drag audio clip(s) to the audio timeline and begin building the audio version of your story and production. You might need to use more than one audio track. One may be voices, dialogue or narration, another sound effects and ambient noise, and a third might be the music. Audio and music clips can be repositioned, trimmed down, faded in and out, overlaped in different tracks.

5. Once audio sounds the way you want, drag image files to the video timeline. They will probably all be the same length (default length). Make the images longer or shorter to correspond to the audio portion of the project by either cutting, trimming, or shortening/extending time. Consider having the image appear just a few frames before the audio segments start. If you need to add transitions from presets, between shots you can at this point, but don't over do it or use too many, be strategic about where and when you use them. Most movie editing is about making the cut and lining up shots and angles at the right spot in time, not about wipes and disolves.

6. Add titles or credits at the beginning and ends

7. Watch your piece over and over, fine tuning as much as you can, until it feels smooth and comfortable. When viewing consider your audience. Will their attention be held? Are there enough variety of shots? Does it flow well? Are things on the screen long enough? Are they on the screen too long? Does your audio help to keep the story engaging and flowing? Have someone else watch and give you their opinion. Take a break, come back, and watch it again.

Materials / Resource

  • How to make an Animatic (using Windows Movie Maker) How to make an Animatic (using Windows Movie Maker) [ Watch Video ] [ Download Original Video ] A tutorial found on Youtube that demonstrates how to build an animatic using Window Movie Maker. The process is similar in imovie.