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Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Tom Post

Lathe Safety

Part of Unit: Machine Safety and Operation in the Wood, Cabinetmaking, and Construction Lab

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This is a 1 day lesson that introduces students to the Wood Lathe. It covers safety issues involved with turning wood. Handouts and a saftey test is included.

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will understand the names and operations of each part of the wood lathe.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of lathe safety by passing a safety test with a 100% score.
  • Students will understand the various types of wood products that can be produced on the lathe.


Lesson Time

Introduction and Demo first day, safety test the second day
2 Days

Activities in this Lesson

  • Lathe vs. Idiot Hooks / Set

    Explain to students that machine don't think. They have no understanding of danger. Students must respect machines or they can be seriouly injured.

    Show the video attached below.  Caution- there is some foul language at end of video. You may want to lower sound or turn it off.

    This accident is not graphic and is on a metal lathe but it is very effective in getting your student's attention.

    Resources and Materials

    • lathe vs idiot [ Go to Site ] This short video (42 sec.) shows how fast an accident can happen when you don't respect the power of machines.
  • Parts of a Lathe Demo / Modeling

    Show the video on Lathe Safety Tips ( 2.55 ).  (attached below) This video covers basic safety on the lathe. It is a great visual to show before discussing the lathe with students.

    Show students the handout (attached below) and discuss the various parts of the lathe.

    If you have a mini lathe, you could point out the parts easily in front of the students. This can also be done at a larger lathe.

    After discussing the parts of the lathe, use the Lathe Safety Rules handout (see below) to cover safety concerns involved with using the wood lathe.

    Also discuss the speed setting of the lathe and how it affects the cut being made and the safety of the student. The attached handout should be discussed with students and it should be posted near the lathe where students can refer to it.


    Resources and Materials

    • Parts of the Lathe [ Download ] Use to introduce students to the lathe.
    • Lathe Speed Chart [ Download ] Discuss and display near the lathes.
    • Lathe Safety Tips [ Go to Site ] The video covers basic safety on the lahe.
    • Lathe Safety Rules [ Download ]


Assessment Types:
Projects, Teacher-Made Test, Observations,

Use the Lathe Safety Test the following day. After a review, give students the safety test.

Observe students as they operate the lathe and ask questions to check for understanding of safety.

  • Lathe Safety Test Lathe Safety Test [ Download ] 20 questions, fill in the blanks
  • Lathe Safety Answer Sheet Lathe Safety Answer Sheet [ Download ]