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Part of Lesson Plan: Ram Set Safety Lesson

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  Please View the following with your students: www.ramset.com/ safety.asp  Things to remember: Think  Ram Set safety - Safe work habits - Safety on the job!  

After showing the youtube clip students will take notes on the following lecture.  Students can then be tested. ( see assessments ) Students can show safe handling of the gun.

Ramset - Powder Actuated Tools
2 min - May 2, 2008
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Teach students about the use and safe handling.

  • Ram Sets are used to nail down interior sill plates when framing residential housing tracts. Ram Sets shoot one shot and pin at a time. It is different from a other guns that can shoot multiple shots and pins in a row.
    • What is a Ram Set?
    • It is a powder actuated fastening tool. Ram Set is the brand name. Other types of powder actuated guns are made with different brand names.
    • When anchoring loads to wood/stealer walls to concrete slabs the Ram Set is a great tool as a powder actuated gun. It is a low velocity fasting system powered by gunpowder cartridges called "loads' or Boosters. They look just like a 22 cal. cartridge. The Pin or "nail" comes in different forms and configurations. A Ram Set can fasten items directly to steel or masonry
    • ****SAFETY TIP****When using a Powder charge, always use the recommended charge or size load for the job. The color chart provided with the tool gives the user a wide range of load charges based on the job. Loads for old concrete for example might be a purple load (the strongest), however using it in new concrete you would drive the pin too deep. A brown charge may work better. Not following the recommend procedures for proper use can cause injury.
    • Warning - A nail gun is a professional tool and not a play thing. Serious injury can occur if not used properly; it is not to be played with in any manner. Nails or pins can pierce a leg, hand, arm or cause injury to the eyes.  Always place the gun where it is to be used, never point it at anyone. Never put your finger on the trigger until ready for use.
    • OSHA   - OSHA requires operators of Powder actuated tools be qualified and certified by the manufacturer of the tool.  A certification card must be with you when using the tool.
    • BEWARE - DO not shoot a powder actuated tool into soft materials or materials that can be penetrated easy. The pin may pass through and become a bullet harming or killing someone.
    • Things to remember: Ram Set safety - Safe work habits - Safety on the job! Dress for the job, Always use appropriate clothing for the job and the weather. Use approved personal protective equipment for your face, ears, eyes, head, and feet as applicable for the job.
    • Ramset - Powder Actuated Tools 2 min - May 2, 2008 Uploaded by newhopemedia youtube.com
    • Video | Press Releases | Photos | Support Documents ... ITW RAMSET 700 High Grove Blvd. Glendale Heights, IL 60139. -RAMSET (726-7386) | 630-825-7900 ... www. ramset.com/Tss/v_training.html
    • Please view the following with your students: www.ramset.com/ safety.asp Things Things to remember:Think Ram Set safety - Safe work habits - Safety on the job!

Materials / Resource

  • Ram Set Handout Ram Set Handout [ Download ] This is the safety documentation handout for my lesson