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Activity Originally Created By: Mike Morris

Teach safe use of the Ram Set

Part of Lesson Plan: Ram Set Safety Lesson

Activity Overview / Details


How to use a Powder-Acuated Fastening Tool


Lesson Plan Overview / Details


Teach Students these 5 steps with an actual gun as an example of safe use.

1. Wear the appropriate personal protective gear, to include eye protection, ear protection and hard hat.

2. Feed the pin or stud into the piston of the gun.

3. Feed the gunpowder cartridge (load) into the position.

4. Position the tool in the front of the item to be fastened and press it against the mounting surface. The pressure releases the safety lock.

5. Pull the trigger handle to fire the load charge.


Safety and Maintenance

Teach these guideline to the students:

A. Always wear the right protective gear.

B. Do not use a powder acuated tool untill you are certified on the model you will be using.

C. Follow the safety precautions in the manufacturers instruction manual.

D. Use the proper size pin for the job you are doing.

E. When loading the driver, put the pin in before you load the charge.

F. Use the right size charge according to the manufacturer.

G. Never hold the end of the barrel against any part of your body or cock the tool against your hand.

H. Never hold your hand behind the material you are fastening.

I.  Do not fire near the edge of concrete. Chips of concrete can fly off and harm you or others nearby.

J. Never pry out the charge with a sharp object.


Materials / Resource

  • Ram Set Handout Ram Set Handout [ Download ] This is the safety documentation handout for my lesson