Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Building & Construction Trades

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Anne Butterworth

Miter Saw / Chop Saw Safety

Part of Unit: Machine Safety and Operation in the Wood, Cabinetmaking, and Construction Lab

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

This lesson will take about 20 minutes. 

It includes a demo video as a teacher resource and a miter saw safety test for the students. 

A miter safety rules handout for your students.

Teacher Resources

Student Objectives / Goals

- Students will be able to identify the parts of a Miter Saw.- Students will be able to demonstrate safe pracitces when making cuts on the Miter Saw.


Activities in this Lesson

  • Handout safety handout to students.  Review safety power point with students.

    Resources and Materials

    • MIter Saw Powerpoint Version 2.0 [ Download ] Presentaton about miter saw parts and safety.
    • Miter Saw Rules Updated [ Download ] Student handout covering the safety rules for miter saws.
  • Show the students a short clip montage of the movie "WoodShop" .  This video demonstrates what NOT to do  in the woodshop.

    Resources and Materials

  • If needed, the instructor can review the  included demonstration video.  Remember to highlight the safety rules and proper saw procedure for the students.  To keep the students involved  you can have one of them make a cut, after your demonstration.

    As the instructor you can review the demonstration video if you need to.

  • The students should each complete the included safety test for the Miter Saw.

    Resources and Materials

    • Miter Saw Safety Test Updated [ Download ] A test covering the safe use of the Miter Saw.