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Activity Originally Created By: Michael Magboo


Part of Lesson Plan: Introducing Layouts for Web Site Planning

Activity Overview / Details

After the class settles down show the following "Web Site Story Intro" video.  (Note:  If your class has more than 55 minutes, consider showing the whole video as the hook)

Ask the students what about the video was engaging, did it want to make them want to see more of it.  If yes, then why, if no then why.

Ask them what they think this was about. 

Tell them that this is a parody about the Internet, Twitter, and facebook, using the broadway show West Side Story as the layout for the spoof.

Let them know that everything has a template, or layout to start with and that is what typically hooks in an audience into seeing more.  The goal of a good story intro is to hook the audience into wanting to stick around and find out more.

Do not spend more than two to three minutes discussing this.

--Move on to lecture

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