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Information & Communication Technologies

Activity Originally Created By: Brooke Ahrens

Practice with Basic HTML text formatting

Part of Lesson Plan: Text formatting with HTML

Activity Overview / Details

"On your own webpage, you will now do the following:

  1. Write 2 short paragraphs  (about 3 sentences each) that introduces your website to the world.  These simple paragraphs should give the reader some idea of what they will be reading on your site.
  2. Find your topic in those 2 paragraphs and code that word or phrase to appear BOLD
  3. Next, select one (or two) words to make ITALIC and UNDERLINED . I chose a word that was later defined.
  4. Within those 2 paragraphs, select one (or two) words to create Typewriter Text . Note: it is not used often!

While students work, the teacher should monitor student progress and provide help as needed.  Some students may get stuck writing their 2 paragraphs, and the teacher may want to direct them to a site like Wikipedia, to "borrow" content. The objective is for students to learn basic coding, not to write paragraphs.

When students have completed the task, have them save and test their site in a browser