Lesson Plan Industry Sector
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Amy Bean

Resume writing for High School Students

Part of Unit: Employment Portfolio

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students write a resume which showcases their potential, and a rubric is included for students.

Lesson Time

Classroom and lab
3 Class Periods


Student Objectives

Students will create a resume which showcases their potential.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Hand each student a copy of the "Bad Example" resume for "Debi Greer". Without giving out too much information, ask them to study the resume carefully. 

    What impression do you get from this person?  What judgements have you made about her already?  You haven't ever met her, would you hire her?

    (Answers will vary but might include:  she can't spell, she doesn't have a lot of skills, etc...)

    Generate a discussion about how students have already made an impression about her without having met her at all.

    Resources and Materials

    • Contemporary Resume Bad Example.doc [ Download ] Poor example with errors
  • Hand out the Career Development Organizer. This packet is designed to give students a chance to pre-think about the information which will go on their resumes. 

     Allow students a class period and homework time to complete.

    Optional:  Students can brainstorm a select list of "skills" which are inherent to your class.

    Optional:  I like students to include "soft skills" as well as technical skills - (ie: problem solving)   Often, students can pick something like this out for each other and it is an esteeming activity.

    Circulate to check for understanding in all of the blank areas.

    Resources and Materials

    • Career Development Package Organizer.pdf [ Download ] null
  • Model to students how to access the variety of templates available online using an LCD projector.

    Using Microsoft Word - find the Resume Templates.

    Click on the Button on the top left corner, and then click on "new".  Choose "resumes and CV's" - there are a variety of templates for resume building.

    On the projector, model how to change these templates to fit with students.

    Allow one class period for individual students to use their organizer to create a resume - circulate to check for understanding.  Students should print a hard copy to bring to class the following day for  a peer edit.

  • Pair off students. Using the Resume Checklist, assign students in partners. Peer Edit.

    At this point, you can return to a computer lab to finish resumes, or assign as homework.

    Use example of Student Resume to generate ideas for a well written resume.

    When students hand in thier final resume, use the assessment rubric for a grade.

    Resources and Materials

    • Resume checklist.doc [ Download ] Peer Edit Resume Checklist
    • Student Resume Example [ Download ] null


Use the resume rubric for assessment.