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Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Michele May-Mahorney

Birth Defects Project

Part of Unit: Theories of Development

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

Students are given a Pregnancy Risk Factor or Birth Defect that they are to research. Students will use the internet to research the Pregnancy Risk Factor or Birth Defect.   Once students have completed their research they are to develop a Public Information Billboard campaign to prevent or cure the Risk Factor or Birth Defect.  The students are required to use 81/2 x 14" Legal sized paper, and computer graphics to complete this technology based project.

Lesson Time

Class Periods
3 Class Periods


Consumer and Family Studies (CFS) Standards Detail

2.1 Summarize the stages of prenatal development and childbirth. (ECDFS – F10.2.1)

3.3 Analyze the effects of heredity and environment on the physical, social,
emotional, and intellectual development of children. (ECDFS – F10.3.3)

3.4 List factors that contribute to the optimal development of children. (ECDFS – F10.3.4)

Objectives and Goals

  • Students will be able to explain how genetic factors affect prenatal development
  • Students will be able to explain the role of the environment on prenatal development
  • Students will be able to describe how diseases, drugs, radiation, environmental pollutants, and congenital problems can harm the fetus
  • Students will be able to explain the relationship between the health of the mother and the health of the baby.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Students will have completed their research summary about their assigned Risk Factor/Birth Defect from their "Month By Month Pregnancy Journal."  Using this completed research summary about their assigned Risk Factor/Birth Defect, students are to develop a campaign slogan and Billboard with computerized graphics to present to the class. Teacher should show the youtube clip about Folic Acid; this will familiarize students with the concept of a public service campaign to prevent birth defects.


    Resources and Materials

    • CD Billboard.doc [ Download ] Student CD Billboard Assignment Sheet
    • watch [ Go to Site ]
  • Teacher will project on the screen a few examples of student work from this project,  explaining the technology requirements of the project.  Also the teacher will explain "campaign slogan" ideas to students. 


    Resources and Materials

    • BILLBOARD student exemplar.doc [ Download ]
  • Students will discuss and brainstorm in small groups their campaign slogan ideas for the billboard projects.  Once they have an idea that they are happy with, they will write down their slogan and begin to conceptualize their billboard project.

    Resources and Materials

    • Child Development Birth Defects Project Concept Worksheet.doc [ Download ]
  • Check for understanding Check Understanding

    Instructor will use the following questions to check in with students before they begin working on the billboard campaign.

    What type of materials do you think you will need to complete this project?

    What Birth Defects or Risk Factors might you encounter in your research, and where can you find this information?

    What websites might you go to in order to find your graphics for the Billboard project?

    Each student needs to complete their concept worksheet and share it with the instructor before starting on the billboard.

  • Students will work in the computer Lab to develop their billboard project using computerized graphics to complete their billboard poster. 

    They may only use the 81/2 x 14" legal sized paper provided

  • Students will present their completed project to the class on the assigned day using the oral presentation guidelines given.

    Resources and Materials

    • CD Billboard Project Oral Presentation Guidelines.doc [ Download ] Student Oral Presentation Guidelines


Assessment Types:
Rubrics, Projects,

The completed Projec will be assessed by using both Rubrics attached.  One for the oral presentation and one for the Billboard Campaign.

  • Oral Presentation Rubric.doc Oral Presentation Rubric.doc [ Download ] Grading Rubric for Birth Defects Prevention Campaing Oral Presentation
  • Birth Defects Billboard Rubric.htm Birth Defects Billboard Rubric.htm [ Download ] Grading Rubric for Birth Defects Prevention Campaign Billboard