Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Wrap-up: What have we learned?

Part of Lesson Plan: **Perform a battery, starter, charging system test using the VAT-40 (updated) by Eli Jaramillo

Activity Overview / Details

Materials needed:

  • PowerPoint presentation:  Volt Ampere tester
  • Student Worksheet :  Testing a Battery
  • Student Worksheet :  Testing a Starter
  • Student Worksheet :  Testing a Charging system

During this wrap-up session, you'll be using the PowerPoint slides with leading questions on the slides.  Students will view the slides and provide answers for the blank information on the slides.

Questions:  (Call students out vs. asking for hands)

Instructor:  "Any questions on what we've covered?"

Battery -- starter-- charging system testing:  What's next?

Instructor:  "In the next few days we'll continue discussion on vehicle electrical systems  which will support the all-important ASE-Electrical certification process."

Materials / Resource

  • Battery Testing worksheet Worksheet: Testing a Battery [ Download ] Worksheet used by students for review.
  • Testing a Starter worksheet Worksheet: Testing a Starter [ Download ] Worksheet used by the students for review.
  • Charging system test worksheet.doc Worksheet: Testing a Charging system [ Download ] Worksheet used by the students for review.
  • VAT tester(2).ppt VAT tester [ Download ] PowerPoint presentation used by instructor for lesson review.