Activity Industry Sector

Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Introduction to the Sun Scope

Part of Lesson Plan: Sun Scope Patterns (updated) by John Potter

Activity Overview / Details

Once I have the groups attention, I ask them where they have seen a scope on TV. Some will come up with hospital room with the patient attached to a heart monitor. Now I tell them that’s what I want them to do. Hook up the patient! 

The patient is the vehicle engine and you are going to monitor how well it runs and do some basic stress tests to see how the patient is doing. I put on the PowerPoint of the sun engine analyzer & turn on the sun analyzer with just the light on. I ask the question, "What is the purpose for just the light on?" Answer is: Advertisement. 

As I go onto each slide I have the one student who does not want to learn come up to the machine with their safety glasses on and point out the parts. As long as you don’t request him or her to talk they will participate.  This frees up the instructor to monitor the class and keep them on task. When I get to slide 14, "Secondary Display Patterns," I pass out seven blank pieces of binder paper and a ruler.  I demonstrate how to draw the pictures, writing the word Voltage vertically on the left side of the page and the word Voltage on the top horizontal. 

Materials / Resource

  • Sun Scope Patterns Sun Scope Patterns [ Download ] PowerPoint