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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren


Part of Lesson Plan: **Introduction to Shop Safety (Updated) By Ken Hamel

Activity Overview / Details

At this point I begin the presentation. The Power Point is over 100 images long and leaves a lot of room for class discussion. Since this is a long presentation that  properly addressed should take several days, the teacher should employ different techniques in maintaining interest. Giving the students the chance to tell stories related to the topic as well as adding stories of your own will help to keep the students engaged in the lesson. The Power Point uses many graphic and humorous slides to help with interest. The graphic slides are not there for the sole purpose of shock value, but to help drive home the importance of safety in the automotive workplace.

This portion of the presentation should take a couple of days at least. The class can pick up the following day where they left off. The instructor may choose to create and administer small quizzes throughout in order to keep interest up. Each class has a different personality and the instructor should tailor the information in a manner that they feel will be best cover the information.

Materials / Resource

  • Safety Safety [ Download ] Safety lists for Automotive