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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Hybrid Component Identification

Part of Lesson Plan: Hybrid Safety & Service (updated) by Dennis Johnson

Activity Overview / Details

Instructor will have students gather into groups of (4) four, and assign them a hybrid vehicle, and ask them to complete the task sheet by locating the major hybrid components.

Once student groups have done this, instructor will ask them to follow the procedures demonstrated to them and have them locate the service plug.  Students will need to determine if this plug is in a safe, easily serviceable location.  Instructor will ask them to record their findings on the inspection sheet during this task.  During the inspection and after students have completed their forms, instructor will have students perform spot inspections on the other teams and their work and documentation.

Materials / Resource

  • Camry_Hybrid_Technician_Worksheets.pdf Camry_Hybrid_Technician_Worksheets.pdf [ Download ] Component Identification Task Packet