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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Bolt Extraction Tools

Part of Lesson Plan: **Broken Bolt Extraction Methods Part 1 (updated) by Robert Thayer

Activity Overview / Details

10 minutes

I pass around examples of "easy-outs," center punches, left hand drill bits, etc. As students are handling the tools, I have a list of key terms and tool names on the video screen. I pronounce the terms and names of each tool aloud. I explain how each tool is used, in what order the tools are used, and when you might choose one tool instead of another. I also begin to explain that judgements need to be made at each step of the process, in order to deal with various scenarios that students may encounter.

I will mention that there are articles and information on the web about removing broken bolts. I will have the web page "The Art of Extraction" on the screen behind me, as an example, or write the title of the article on the board.

Materials / Resource

  • The Art of Extraction The Art of Extraction [ Go to Site ] Article about removing broken bolts