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Activity Originally Created By: MaryRose Lovgren

Vehicle supporting 2a

Part of Lesson Plan: **Wheel removal and replacement (updated) by Robin Coyne

Activity Overview / Details

Instructor will model the correct procedure for correctly using a vehicle lift to raise a vehicle to working height. The process will be detailed to the students so that they can record specific notes about safe and proper lift procedures. Slow this part down so that each step is clear and can be recorded by each student. Start with how the vehicle is placed in the service bay-make sure it is in correct position to lift. Swing the lift support arms under the car and identify the lift points to the students. The lift operator must get down to the level of the support arms to see the lift points. Have all of your students kneel down and check for the vehicle lift points. Questions about the process can be answered as they come up. Do not operate the lift without  setting the lift points correctly. Verify! Remember, nobody is perfect-readjust the lift points if they are not correctly set. Check that all persons are away from the vehicle by yelling "Clear!" Operate the lift to raise it to the first safety and stop. Secure the lift at the first safety latch point and verify that the lift points are correct and that the vehicle is properly supported. Check the area, yell " Clear!" and proceed to lift the vehicle to working height. Set the vehicle lift on the safety catches after the correct working height is reached.. The vehicle is safely lifted.

The instructor will go step by step , answering questions,checking for understanding and progress monitoring students as they document the correct procedures in their journals.