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Lesson Plan Originally Created By: Ken Hamel

Introduction to Shop Safety (Updated) By Ken Hamel

Part of Unit: General Shop Safety Practices

Lesson Plan Overview / Details

In this lesson, students will develop shop safety awareness and learn all of the shop safety rules.


Lesson Time
2 Class Periods


Students will:

  • Learn all of the shop safety rules
  • Wear personal protective equipment at all times in the shop
  • Know the locations of safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, first aid kit and eye wash stations

Instructor's notes

Each student is given a handout that the instructor will use along with the Power Point presentation. The students are encouraged to make notes in the handout material. After the presentation, the students will be given a test .The test and the student handouts can be filed and recorded along with any other safety training that the instructor schedules.

Activities in this Lesson

  • Before the class starts, the instructor will need to make copies of the presentation for each student. The instructor will also need to download the Power Point as well as several copies of safety material.  There are quite a few pages to download, but they will be used to document safety training for each student. The instructor will also need to familiarize themselves with the Power Point. The presentation follows along with the text but not so rigid that the individual instructor cannot smoothly add information and emphasis from other sources.

    Resources and Materials

  • When the students enter into class the first slide in the presentation should be up on the screen.  It is a picture of a person fully bandaged in a hospital bed. The purpose of the slide is to get the class thinking along the lines of safety and focusing the attention of the entire class on one topic. Each student at this point should be given a copy of the handout and encouraged to add notes. I tell the class that I will grade the individual notes from each student at the end and use that toward their lab grade. The notes and other documentation from the safety training then will be put in their file and must be completed before they begin working in the shop. If a students shows no interest in actively particapating in the safety training, I find a way to schedule them for a second viewing. Each student needs to buy into the fact that the automotive workplace, although fun, is a place where very serious injuries can easily occur.

  • Presentation Lecture

    At this point I begin the presentation. The Power Point is over 100 images long and leaves a lot of room for class discussion. Since this is a long presentation that  properly addressed should take several days, the teacher should employ different techniques in maintaining interest. Giving the students the chance to tell stories related to the topic as well as adding stories of your own will help to keep the students engaged in the lesson. The Power Point uses many graphic and humorous slides to help with interest. The graphic slides are not there for the sole purpose of shock value, but to help drive home the importance of safety in the automotive workplace.

    This portion of the presentation should take a couple of days at least. The class can pick up the following day where they left off. The instructor may choose to create and administer small quizzes throughout in order to keep interest up. Each class has a different personality and the instructor should tailor the information in a manner that they feel will be best cover the information.

    Resources and Materials

    • Safety [ Download ] Safety lists for Automotive
  • Throughout the presentation the instructor should be calling on each student to make sure that each is engaged and to moniter comprehension. If quizzes are employed during the lecture, the instructor can use those to monitor how well the information is being addressed and retained.

  • At the completion of the Power Point the instructor can give the class time to review their notes. Small groups can be formed and notes can be discussed among the students. The purpose of this is to get the students talking about each topic. It does not matter if the students learn the information during the lecture from me or while looking at the notes taken from a lab partner. The goal is to get them to learn the information and become more aware of safety.

  • Test Assessment

    After all review is completed, the instructor can administer a test that, upon passing, students will have filed in their safety training. I only allow student access to the shop with a passing grade of at least 90%.

    Resources and Materials